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Sox is the true embodiment of skateboarding. There is a concept in Taoism called “Wu Wei” or effortless action. I get the feeling sox lives in this state, effortless spontaneity flowing around the place like water following gut instinct. It extends beyond his skating to the way he walks around, interacts with people and to the way he rummages through your kitchen. Nothing is really off limits. This makes it pretty captivating to watch him skate and generally just to be around. There’s a freedom and lust for life that he brings that most people left on a trip somewhere way back. I’ve had the pleasure of spending a fair bit of time with him over the last few years. His skating and his presence can’t help but make you laugh, smile and see the world in a different light. No obstacle is too much and he’ll do whatever needs doing to make it all happen. And when the sox experience all gets too much, it’s usually fine because he’ll be gone with the next free lift.
Sam Beckett

photo Tidy Mike

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