Dale Meredith

"Dale is an animal, when you see him turning up to a park you know some freaky shit is going to go down, either tricks or his body. He is fueled by deep heat and madness, always pulling some strange manoeuvres out of his deep bag of tricks while laughing his head off sliding the skin off of his elbows"
- Hotdogman

All this footage was in a mixed section in gwent theft auto, whilst plucking through slams at dale's request we put it on a timeline, here it is to a peter and the test tube babies song and an intro by clasically trained actor grim from Freestyle Skatestore... fuck you dale.
photo: Vincent F Moss
Slasher at tredegar park
photo: Hogie
Melon 5-0 at Caldicot...
photo: Phillip Mortimer
a confusing melon at spit and sawdust
Watch Drew Suttons Hi8 edit of Skate Extreme to witness that half flip beni over a spine

photo: Hogie
Cwm bran with me, dale flumps one over the best thing in the park

A sick little section featuring all the local parks filmed by Hogi

Little Clip of dale from back in the day uploaded to youtube in 2006

photo: Hogie
FSO over chepstows hip, shallow to deep

photo: Phillip Mortimer
Classic dale shapes, melon over the ski jump at spit and sawdust
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