(Artwork by Ollie Josty)

Finn's Café has come through with a nice edit and photo's of all the fella's by Finley Chivers with Newport locals, Mitch Gough, Dan Sharpe, Dave White, Ollie Josty, Ben Morris, Rob the Cannon, Jonny Ashfield, James Parker, Cory Greenaway, and a lot more
    Scroll down for the full photo gallery and check the edit by chiversss out!

Full Gallery Below 👇

Mitch Gough
Frontside Wall bash off one of dale's infamous ropey quarter's

Jonny Ashfield 
if you have not seen him skate check his footage in the edit, he's a beast

James Parker
boneless in Newport's first skatepark that was built by aliens in the 1970's in the outskirts of pill

Ollie Josty
Another one of dale's quarters making an appearance this time on ollie's driveway, I can only imagine how steep that thing really is 

Sam Matthews 
ollie's that spot up by gaps and drops you always wonder if is skateable

Rob the Cannon
heads to Cardiff to ollie one of the capitols staples

Cory Greenaway
Launching over his e-bike, if you turn the key and hold the left brake for 20 seconds it goes 20mph

Ben Morris
Noseblunt at the park on the worlds greatest flat bank, maybe

Dave White
Full beez style here captured perfectly by Finn, 

Big thanks to Finn's Cafe

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